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Fracking is a new method for mining for natural gas in shale formations.  It has been extensively used in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, and Texas.

What are the Problems Posed by Fracking?

The problem with fracking is that the shale formations are radioactive and in the process of drilling, this radioactivity is brought to the surface in the form of radioactive rock cuttings and a radioactive gas called radon.

Fracking involves submitting the shale formations to intense hydraulic pressure which creates cracks in the shale formations that release the natural gas.  The fracking process itself has contaminated aquifers. The drilling fluid itself can be partially reused, but also must be properly disposed of.

Dangers to Communities

  1. The radioactive shale rock is often disposed of in community landfills and can leak out into water sources.

  2. Radon gas from the radioactive shale formation follows the natural gas into people’s homes and increases the concentration of radon within the home.

  3. Inhalation of radon can increase the likelihood of lung cancer.

Our Expertise

RWMA has investigated all issues regarding radioactive contamination in the environment due to the fracking process for public interest groups in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.

For more information about fracking projects RWMA has done, see: Projects and About Us.

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