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Communities that are affected by different types of projects that involve radioactive waste ask questions such as:

  • "How dangerous will this project be?"

  • "What will happen if there is an accident?"

  •  "If radioactive material is released into a water source or the air, what will be the consequences?"

RWMA's clients need answers to these and other questions that address the safety of their lives, homes and environment.  

The consensus of the scientific community is that radiation exposure increases the likelihood of cancer and other long-term health issues.

RWMA Works With You to Find the Answers
We make every effort to provide the most accurate answers and solutions for any concerns about radioactive materials and their potential effects on people and the environment.

In our work, we estimate the inhalation and ingestion of radioactive material or direct exposure, and calculate the radiation dose. Then taking into account the duration of exposure and the age of the person, we calculate the likelihood that radiation caused the persons cancer or other health effects.

We have carried out these calculations for industrial accidents at oil pipe cleaning facilities, plutonium handling facilities, and uranium mining and other operations.

For more information regarding our expertise and experience, see About Us.

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